Street Photo Pool Awards

A leap into the POSSIBILITIES.

About SPP Awards


Enlisting name to this event can cause an artistic breakthrough. Beware of your talents, they can explode here !

As we are going to step on the mattress of our first year anniversary, we decided to release the dam. The pool water is now released to wave you all. Once you dive in it, you will find a world full of coral-vivid opportunities. Our honorary judges are here to see your efforts that lies within your frame as the form of art. Showcasing the best of them can be rewarding. Unlike every opportunities float around the air, this event is not a battle of an individual but a ‘duel’ of their vision. Let’s cheer and leap into the pool of experiment, exposure and excellence.

Our Jury


"Who knows better than the good? It's EYE for the LIGHT, EVE for the NIGHT and a MASTER with his MIND - MR. VINEET VOHRA, the single image curator of the event.


When The sun sets the day, wind thrills the guts and a passion cheers the whole, Miles can be crossed in a minute-We are extremely honored of having MS. JULIA CODDINGTON, A combination of dream and hope for the many other woman as our series jury,


Hush, you have done a lot, EXpected a lot, EXplored a lot. Now it’s time to EXperience; let’s find your ‘X’ factor. Congratulate the moment of the street when you skipped lunch to the fast, swapped dream to the infinity, even pressed the shutter with a clung of hope. Yeah, 

        • 1st prize of 1500$ for each Category. 
        • 2nd prize of 700$ for each Category.
        • 3rd prize of 350$ for each Category also deserves you.
        • But the things you will get in spite of not being a winner are a bunch of respect, attention and, 
        • 20$ gift card for being one among Seven of the finalists  in each Category
        • Hey, turn back! There are more! We could offer a universe to all the participants but as we are running out the gift packs we decided to take 20 (10+10) of the finalists there by Showcasing their amazing exciting pieces on the Eyeshot Magazine portal.

About Eyeshot Magazine  – Well, the universe itself is a collective of billion galaxies and a trillion possibilities. Like A platform for all the learners to become a professional. Eyeshot is just like the same for all of the curious eyes to get it all. Since 2017 they are helping all the photographers around the globe to expand their scopes, taking them to the edge of versatility. The works included in their gallery can undoubtedly become a source of aspects, knowledge and perspectives.

Take a tour to for the excitement to be exploded.



The SPP awards are for all. Meanwhile we don’t allow anybody with three hands.


Photos taken by any device is acceptable unless it’s a CCTV.


Subjects are wide-open-vast. Pick whatever you like. Just remember to keep them original. Cause we only appreciate the infringer on the OTT platform.


Submit all your moment directly by entering to our official website You don’t need a VPN either.


All of the submitted images will count as our official entry only after the Fee(s) deposited directly through any of the payment method available on the website within the time period. We are happy without tips !


The submitted images of the event may be displayed by the SPP team for the purpose of it’s promotion and marketing along with the mention of it’s sole owner.


The decision made by the Judges will be counted as final. Therefore we do not promote ghosts, rumor or partiality.


Submitted images should not exceed 1mb each with the format of Jpg/Jpeg with no watermark, signature or frame attached. A minor processing will taste fine.


Participants may be asked to provide higher resolution of the same images if required. Prizes will be distributed once the result is declared.


Gather for SPP. The toddler needs your hands.


Please note: In the event of any unavoidable circumstances, date may reschedule. 

Submit Your Masterpiece

  • File size up to 1 MB per image  (up to 5 Images)
  • Photo should be 1024 px on wider side
  • Change File name into your name (eg. JohnDoe_1.jpeg)
  • Participation fee for Single Category $17.00
  • File size up to 1 MB per image  (5 to 10 images)
  • Photo should be 1024 px on wider side
  • File name in to Series_your name (eg. Series_JohnDoe_1.jpg)
  • Participation fee for Series Category  $30.00