Prizes-Hush, you have done a lot, EXpected a lot, EXplored a lot. Now it’s time to EXperience ; let’s find your ‘X’ factor.Congratulate the moment of the street when you skipped lunch to the fast, swapped dream to the infinity, even pressed the shutter with a clung of hope, yeh, the first prize of 1300$,second prize of 650$Third prize of 350$ also deserves you.But the things you will get in spite of not being a winner are a bunch of respect, attention and a 20$ gift card for being a one among ten of the finalists.Hey turn back! There are more!We could offer a universe to all the participants but as we are running out the gift packs we decided to take you there by showcasing your amazing winning pieces on the Eyeshot Magazine portal.Optional description –[About Eyeshot –Well, the universe itself is a collection of billion galaxies and a trillion possibilities. Like A platform for all the learners to become a professional. Eyeshot is just like the same for all of the curious eyes to get it all. Since 2017 they are helping all the photographers around the globe to expand their scopes, taking them to the edge of versatility.The works included in their gallery can undoubtedly become a source of aspects, knowledge and perspectives. Take a tour to for the excitement to be exploded.]

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